Borage Oil Benefits | Get Younger Skin & Ease Arthritis Pain

What Is Borage Oil?

Before we get into borage oil benefits, we must first understand what borage oil is. Borage oil comes from the borage plant, commonly known as the Starflower. The seeds from this plant contain the oil which is extracted and bottled as borage oil. The borage plant originated in Syria, but has spread over the Mediterranean region and North Africa.

What Are Borage Oil Benefits?

Apart from moisturizing the skin and providing a rich anti-aging treatment, borage oil benefits the joints of the body because of its high levels of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which helps to ease the pain of arthritis, as well as prevent its onset with regular use. Borage oil benefits the joints by keeping them lubricated, as well as containing a natural anti-inflammatory agent that prevents swelling and irritation.

borage oil benefitsClinical Trials & Borage Oil

In international studies, scientists realized that in areas such as Syria and the Mediterranean region, there were very few cases of arthritis, and even bad skin conditions. Upon looking closer, it was discovered that the people in these regions used borage oil on a regular basis.

In clinical trials, it was revealed in a double-blind test that borage oil benefits joints that suffer from arthritis. On top of that, borage oil benefits the skin in treating eczema, psoriasis, and even acts as an anti-aging formula.

When compared to the rest of the world, places such as the United States and most of Europe had deficiencies in GLA (see above) and other nutrients offered through borage oil benefits, that the rest of the world seemed to have taken for granted as part of their daily lives.

Studies continue to be performed on borage oil benefits, but all clinical trial results point to the rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents as being beneficial to people, with having any drawbacks (read additional borage oil uses here).

What To Look For When Buying Borage Oil

If you are shopping around to find the right product to reap the benefits of borage oil, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, look for a high concentration of borage oil. If the product contains a lot of additives or processed chemicals, then you will not receive the full borage oil benefits. In fact, the product may even dry out your skin and not ease your arthritis in any way. Second, you want to make sure that the ingredients are all-natural.

These can be obtained from any number of reputable distributors of natural and organic health and beauty products. Last of all, you want to see that consumer reviews of various products are positive when it comes to borage oil benefits. Some reviews will show that a product takes a long time to show results.

Other reviews from customers show immediate pain relief and great-looking skin within days of trying borage oil. Some consumers even use borage oil benefits by adding a few drops to their pets’ food in order to give them shiny and healthy looking coats of fur.

Bottom Line

Rich in antioxidants and able to give soothing relief to aching joints, the many borage oil benefits have the product in high demand. For those looking to have young skin, a healthy glow, and ease the pain of arthritis, shopping around to find the best product that will allow you to take advantage of the many borage oil benefits is perhaps one of the healthiest and smartest decisions you can make.

Borage oil benefits have been known for centuries, but is has only been in recent years that science has been able to explain exactly how borage oil benefits the body, and now everyone who enjoys healthy living knows the secret.